Movember Time – Tips for success

Yes its that time of year again, no not Christmas – Movember !  When men grow a moustache to raise awareness for men’s health, well being, and of course the fight against prostate and testicular cancers. Movember is now in its 11th year and has become a regular fixture around the world. You can spot office workers around the globe getting more and more hirsute for charity in the month of November proudly displaying their well-kept moustaches so that supporters can pledge money to watch them grow during the month.

Regular care and attention is needed to grow and keep a moustache and for a novice it really takes some getting used to. Below are some expert tips that we have collated from a panel of fuzzy faced experts.


When to shave: “It’s better to shave either in the shower or right after the shower, because the hair is wet so it’ll be easier to cut. Also, the skin is going to be nice and warm, and the pores are open so the skin will be nice and flexible.”

How to prep: “We start with our … pre-shave oil. The pre-shave oil provides a barrier on the skin, so the blade glides across the skin causing less irritation, as well as protection against nicks and cuts.”

How to achieve the right lather: “We use a great shave cream, which is a glycerin- and coconut oil-based. It doesn’t lather up on its own, we use a badger hair brush to achieve a rich lather. We use the badger hair brushes because it’s a hollow follicle, which retains moisture and heat to generate warmer shave cream, as well as [to] lift the hair away from the face and exfoliate skin cells to achieve a closer shave with less passes of the razor … Use warm water [with the shave cream], because warm water with the brush is going to generate that nice warm lather.”

Which way to shave: “During the shave, it is really important to shave on the first pass with the grain. And then it’s important to re-lather to protect the skin, and then shave against the grain.”

What to do after: “Rinse off with cold water to tone up the skin. Then you would pat dry the face and apply the aftershave balm.”

What to use if you’re just trimming: “If you’re trimming, you would use a mustache or goatee trimmer.”

On beard and mustache maintenance: “Moisturizing is really important. We also carry mustache and beard wax as well as mustache and beard oil. Those [products] help keep the hair and skin moisturized so the hair grows out without irritating the skin … [and also helps] the hair lay straight.”



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